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Tales From The Edge (Volume 5 & 6)

Many collectors are just now exploring the sounds from the underground in that wonderful period 1977-'82. The majority of the local recordings from that time were made in such small quantities, that now some 20 years later they're not only very rare, they've gotten very expensive.

When I put together this collection of tracks for KDGE-FM in Dallas back in '92, it served two purposes. One was to have our usual limited edition of tracks from the best of the new underground bands. On this collection we had the pleasure of including bands like Rumble, Half Inch Soul, Whitey, Little Sister, The Willees, Two Hoots & A Holler, and Nick Brisco. There were 18 in all, each a shining example of the best new sounds from Texas at the time.

On the second disc was a collection of new wave and punk tracks from 1979-'83. Most of these were mastered off the original tapes of these songs and are far cleaner than any surviving vinyl. There are many previously unreleased tracks here, including never-before heard performances by VVV Records artists Bobby Sox, NCM, The Ralphs and the Ft. Worth Cats. Here's the highlights: ** mean previously unreleased material

  • The Judys - "All The Pretty Girls"
  • Assassins - "Real Gone" **
  • Quad Pi - "In Near You"
  • The Telefones - "Ballad Of Jerry Godzilla"
  • Nervebreakers - "I Confess"
  • Ejectors - "George Jetson" **
  • Terminal Mind - "I Wanna Die Young"
  • Skunks - "Cheap Girl"
  • NCM - "Spazz Age" **
  • Schematics - "South Of The Surf"
  • Joe King Carrasco - "Houston El Mover"
  • The Doo - "Trash"
  • Ft. Worth Cats - "Hero" **
  • D-Day - "Right To Know"
  • Moving Products - Urban Situation"
  • Members Only - "Through A Filter" *
  • Ralphs - "Teddy Boy" **,
  • Hugh Beaumont Experience - "Money Means So Much To Me"
  • Stick Men With Ray Guns (aka Bobby Soxx) - "Satan Baby" **
  • Tex & Saddletramps - "Move It" **
  • Standing Waves - "Vertigo"
  • Red Tapes - "God Reasons" **
  • the Experts - "War Games"

    Total tracks? 23 on the punkish disc, 18 on the new one. Both CDs max out at 70+ minutes. Comes with deluxe 24 page illustrated and informative booklet with band info, bios, gig flyers and such.

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    Tales From The Edge (Volume 7 & 8)

    This was another installment in the limited-edition CDs from KDGE radio and was another double disc CD. On the first disc were 19 of the best new bands we could find in 1993 Texas. They included to which would break out into the big time, Deep Blue Something, who would sign to A&M Records and sell loads of CDs, and the punkish Hagfish who would ink a deal with London Records.


    1. BAT MASTERSONS - Do You Love Me?
    2. RETARTED ELF - Can You Feel It?
    3. DAVID WAYNE - Breathe In Me
    4. LIQUID VELVET - Bitch
    5. BACKBEATS - Arizona
    6. BETTER MINDWEAR - Hope To Find
    7. MARMALADE - Shadow Country
    8. HANK & PATSY - Something For Nothing
    9. NEW TEXICANS - Preachers, Teachers, Mothers & Fools
    10. ATOMIC RODEO - Memphis Rocket Train
    11. A.S.D. - Mexican Sundial Blues
    12. HAGFISH - Minit Made
    13. LEMONADE GURU - Blind Leads The Blind
    14. DEEP BLUE SOMETHING - Raise Your Hands
    15. EYES AND EARS - Simple Green Song
    16. TOUCH GALLERY - Better Idea
    17. SHINY BEAST - Straighten The Frame
    18. COOL CHRISTINE - Doppler Girl
    19. BRUTAL JUICE - Cannibal Holocaust

  • THE SECOND DISC IN THE SET is a club mix set of bands that range from techno pop, to industrial, from trance to hardcore rave. It's all mixed together into one long 70 minute piece, but you can index to each individual track too.


    1. CHANNEL 69 - Exposure
    2. BALANCE - I Love It
    3. X-ELEVEN - Past Passion
    4. t-4-2 - A Mile From The Sun
    5. DIGITAL ONE - Thoratic
    6. LIFT - Alright
    8. NASA PROJECT - Crack(ed) Baby
    9. K.B.D. - Dead And Gone
    10. SOUL ODYSSEY - Rapture
    11. GLOBAL - Trip Or Freq.
    12. NEVER, NEVER - Temporary Solution
    13. VOODOO DALI - Agony

    Let's see, that's 19 tracks on the first disc, and another 13 on the second one. That's lots of music, over 2 hours of it, and all at a very cheap price!

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    Tales From The Edge (Volume 9 & 10)

    When 'Tales From The Edge Vol. 5/6' came out, I had a lot of requests to do a follow-up second volume of the lost but not forgotten tracks from the scene in Deep Ellum during the glory days of Theater Gallery, Prophet Bar and the Twilight Room. There's probably not a single recording in this set that is available elsewhere, and most are making their only appearance on CD, ever. All were taken from original source tapes and sound brilliant.

    Many of these recordings have never before been released and include a pre-Geffen Records cut from the New Bohemians, the first demos from the Buck Pets, a bit from Alejandro Escovedo when he was fronting the fabulous True Believers, and a combo that would evolve into Pop Poppins. Even the Timbuk 3 track is making it's debut on this out of print CD.

    TRACK LISTING: ** mean prev. unreleased!

    1. NEW BOHEMIANS - "Mesopotamia" ** ('86 live recording)
    2. BUCK PETS - "Your Fault Not Mine" ** (1st demo session)
    3. THREE ON A HILL - "Pleasure Drill"
    4. TRUE BELIEVERS - "Alone In A Crowd" **
    5. TIMBUK 3 - "I Just Want To Make Love To You" **(pre-IRS demo)
    6. PRINCESS TEX - "Crucifix" **
    7. SHALLOW REIGN - "Last Call" **
    8. ZEITGEIST - "Electra" (became The Reivers)
    9. OCTOBER 8TH - "Capitalism" (pre- Pop Poppins)
    10. HELL'S CAFE - "Hell's Cafe"
      TAIL GATORS - Pick Up The Deck
    11. ZANE GRAY - Belle Chanson
    12. FOUR REASONS UNKNOWN - Visual Signs
    13. TREES - Radio Ranch
    14. LE ROI BROTHERS - Elvis In The Army
    15. DHARMA BUMS - This Ain't The Summer Of Love
    16. ZEN BABIES - Pup Dog
    17. LUNG OVERCOAT - Sick Room

      ** denotes previously unreleased performances

      ON THE SECOND DISC are new recordings of the best then-current, 1994 Texas underground bands. On it you'll find The NIXONS before they signed with MCA singing "Wire," Tablet (before signing with Mercury), another great track from Alejandro, and the cool rockabilly of the Lone Star Trio.


      1. NIXONS - Wire
      2. HAPPY FACE - What's Next
      3. 2 MINUTES HATE - The Worm
      4. BUG - Andy
      5. TABLET - Stop
      6. ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO - Losing Your Touch
      7. MOON FESTIVAL - Brighter Than The Sun
      8. BROOSE - Hypocritical Me
      9. Mr. ROCKET BABY - The Senator's Wife
      10. PLUM - Madame Butterfly
      11. TRISH & DARIN - Sentimental Me
      12. INTERFACE - Is What You're Doing Right?
      13. GALS PANIC - Gals Panic
      14. RENFIELDS - Million Reasons
      15. LONE STAR TRIO - Make Up Your Mind
      16. ADAM'S FARM - There's Nothing That Rhymes With Racine
      17. DRAG RACE - Now For Now
      18. LUNCHBOX - Inside Daisy
      19. PICASSO'S CHILDREN - Conscience Of The King

    18. Total tracks? 18 on the oldies disc, 19 on the new one. Both CDs max out at 70+ minutes. Comes with deluxe 24 page illustrated and informative booklet with band info, bios, gig flyers and such.

      Guaranteed new- still shrink-wrapped and out-of-print. CONDITION: UNOPENED MINT! Actual postage on this item is 1.80 within the US. No handling charges ever! .

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      Winter '94

      The Met is Dallas' leading weekly Arts & Entertainment magazine. The Met sampler is a collection of the best of Dallas' scene with tracks ranging from Rockabilly, Alternative and Hard Rock, to Folk, Country and Pure Pop. Artists include Ronnie Dawson, Fireworks, Funland, Hagfish (now on London), Lithium Xmas, Spot (now on Ardent), 39 Powers, Magic Box, Baboon, Sara Hickman, Old 97's, Jack Ingram, Andy Owens, Colin Boyd, Donal Hinely, The Cartwrights, and Martha DeWolfe.


      Twisted Christmas music anyone? Well not all of it's twisted, but you'll hear some pretty out-there holiday originals from Deadbolt, The Rugburns and Bad Mood Zeus. There's also holiday tracks from the Fern Trio, Marcela Radulovich, Gregory Page, Monument, Creedle and Romy Kaye. A great stocking stuffer!

      Copyright 1995 Reel George Productions, Inc.